About Me

Welcome to KA Visionz, where alternative is the heartbeat of style.

I'm Krista Aragona, the artistic force behind the creations you'll find here, where whimsy meets gothic charm and elegance takes an edgy detour.

My passion lies in the transformative power of artistic expression to inspire and uplift. Whether it's wearable art or unconventional décor, I've learned to fully embrace what I love to do.

My journey? It's a crazy mix of the unconventional, a playlist of diverse tunes, and the constant inspiration derived from my greatest creation, my daughter.

This is more than a shop, it's a sanctuary for those who embrace the beautifully bizarre.  Jump into a world where every piece shouts its own story, and where style knows no rulebook.

Thank you for joining me on this wild ride we call life. Take a stroll, soak it all in, and let a piece of my passion find its way into your world!



Krista Aragona